Chick "Jerry G" Kowalski & The Boom-Boom Room

Chick "Jerry G" Kowalski - click on picture to enlarge The latest division of Weaver Enterprises has gone Vegas! The new Entertainment Division has been formed to manage the Boom-Boom Room as well as the career of the ever popular Jerry Garcia impersonator - Chick "Jerry G" Kowalski.

The Boom-Boom Room is just a few short blocks away from the Vegas strip. Featuring a dizzying light show and the most up-to-date audio system, the Boom-Boom Room is a popular night spot for clubbers.

Headlining the Boom-Boom Room's shows is the legendary Chick "Jerry G" Kowalski, a Garcia impersonator who has no equal. From "Keep on Trucking" to Garcia's later smash radio hits, the show covers all the groovy nostalgia you could hope for.

And of course, the Boom-Room Room is connected to a full casino with roulette, blackjack tables and plenty of one-armed bandits.

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