The House of Weaver - High Fashion Kilts

2002 Line of McDoofus Kilts - click on picture to enlarge The House of Weaver, led by the talented Scottish designer Angus McDoofus, revealed their 2002 line of stylish Kilts at Glascow in August. McDoofus surprised the fashion world by lengthening the hem of the kilt and mixing in such eclectic accessories as cowboy boots, sandals and athletic shoes. One fashion critic raved, "The man is a genius. Tradition is playfully juxtopositioned with post-modern themes in a flirtatious manner. Brilliant, simpley brilliant."

Angus McDoofus - click on picture to enlarge it Angus McDoofus, hired in 1994, has been the driving creative force behind the House of Weaver's rise to Scottish fashion fame. His ability to match fabrics, patterns and colors in unexpected ways continually surprises and delights. Although steeped in highland tradition - he plays the bagpipe at least four hours every day - he has the temperament of an urban rebel. It is this tension between the new and the classic that marks his work in tartan and thread. He was the 1999 winner of the coveted Golden Hagas award for best Scottish kilt design.

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