Uzbeki Air Cargo & Charter

Approaching the Coast of Florida - click on picture to enlarge Uzbeki Air Cargo & Charter is an out growth of our President & CEO Pierpont E. Weaver's long interest in flying. Wanting to enter the field of aeronautical service he bought the Bahamas based Coconut Airlines in 1997. With the purchase of another plane in 1999, Uzbeki Air Cargo & Charter now consists of a fleet of three ultra-modern DC-3 aircraft. Two are configured for cargo, and one is configured for passenger service. All three planes have been retro-fitted with the most advanced navigational equipment and radios money can buy.

View From the Pilot Seat - click on picture to enlarge Uzbeki Air Cargo & Charter now operates out of Florida. It's cargo planes routinely fly to New England for cargoes of live lobsters, baked beans, and ping-pong balls. The plane configured as a passenger airliner services the Caribbean, South Florida, and Florida Keys on a charter only basis. Charter flights for the passenger configuration must be booked at least six months in advance.

Uzbeki Air Cargo & Charter hopes to exand it's fleet through the purchase and restoration of a fourth plane. Remember, when you fly with Uzbeki you can be confident you'll have a flight you won't soon forget!

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