Uncle Milo's Yaka-Cola

The Yak Herd - click on picture to enlarge. Uncle Milo's Yaka-ColaTM is the flag-ship product of Weaver Enterprises, Inc. First bottled and distributed in 1992, this refreshing and delightfully different cola has experienced steady and impressive market growth. First sold only in health food stores, it reached the mass market when Keith Richards, the famous guitar player for the Rolling Stones, promoted it as a healthy and revitalizing drink. Indeed, his claim that Uncle Milo's Yaka-ColaTM was the main reason his good health and complexion was a watershed for the product, allowing it to move from a small niche to mainstream market. Sales are expected to continue to grow, and plans are to begin distribution in South America and Europe by the year 2003.

Uncle Milo's Yaka-ColaTM is a non-caffinated blend of 100% pure pasturised yak's milk and a "secret" fructose syrup to give it a hint of sweetness. The mixture is then heavily carbonated using the patented Blast-O-MaticTM technology which insures an even CO2 distrubution and provides long shelf life.

Inside the Bottling Plant - click on picture to enlarge All stages of the production of Uncle Milo's Yaka-ColaTM are carefully controlled. The yak's milk is either produced by the Weaver Enterpises, Inc. owned herd that grazes in Montana, or is imported from the Democratic Republic of Mongolia. Throughout the process; from milking, to shipping, to pasturization, to bottling - a rigorous 17 point inspection insures that each bottle contains the finest possible cola. The Weaver Dairy, located in Rubonia Florida, is a state of the art facility that uses high-tech, cutting edge "clean room" techniques first developed by NASA to handle Moon rocks.

We're proud to say that a fanatical adherence to our corporate motto "From Our Udder To Your Bladder" has enabled us to produce what we believe is the finest cola bottled today.

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